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Born in 2013 from the passion of a few modern dance enthusiasts, fireWALL dance theater soon established itself as a contemporary dance theater company that has given voice to the creativity of

numerous artistic voices. With six new works in just under four years, fireWALL is well on its way to becoming a force in the Pittsburgh art scene.  


Under the guidance of Artistic Director and Choreographer/Dancer Elisa-Marie Alaio, the company was a success from its first moments. Choosing from the incredible pool of talented dancers in Pittsburgh, she developed an artistic form that would incorporate diverse cultural influences and dance forms. Open to collaboration with other dancers, a joint performance with Swiss/Italian Choreographer/Dancer Carlotta Storelli was an instant success.   


Under the umbrella of fireWALL, Carnegie Stage features regular Cabaret performances featuring the fireWALL dancers and offering a wide variety of other artists, including the Indecent Divas, Harvey WALLbangers and many more.       



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