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Steve Sucato - Pittsburgh City Paper

...Admission's real strength and entertainment value came in the onslaught of full-throttle, energetic and athletic dance sequences that followed.

As if suddenly empowered and given the green light to let loose, the dancers launched into exhilarating sequences full of power and pace that had them traversing the stage as a unit in Alaio's bold choreography.

Whirlwind solos by Alaio, Cammi Nevarez and Jenna Rae Smith followed as a seemingly relentless succession of hard-driving movement phrases came one after the other.
Alaio's choreography mixed styles from jazz to hip hop, creating wonderful bursts of dancing..."


Created and choreographed by Elisa-Marie Alaio

fireWALL dance theater returns with Admission, a celebration of female empowerment. In a world full of
all-boys’ clubs, glass ceilings, and disproportionate salaries, six women embark on separate journeys to overcome their obstacles, and ultimately discover that there is strength to be had in the sisterhood.


The fireWALL dancers:


Elisa-Marie Alaio
Glenna Clark
Grace Cohen
Sara Cohen
Cammi Nevarez
Jenna Rae Smith

Original music by Ryan McMasters

Jane Vranish - Cross Currents

" It was the fourth piece choreographed by 23-year old Point Park University graduate Elisa-Marie Alaio and her works have created a steep learning curve over the course of her first season. Admission was the apex of that growth".

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