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Nov 17 - 19, 2016 at 8:00 pm


Choreographed by Elisa-Marie Alaio               

Original Music by
Reni Monteverde


Beauty.  Sex.  Power. 

Three scenes.  Dynamic.  Provocative.  Effulgent.


The struggle of feeling comfortable in your skin, wanting to explore your sexual desires and finally being who you are and owning every bit of it. No matter what these women have gone through, how difficult it may have been, their paths have crossed and they will overcome it in a sophisticated, and powerful manner.


"fireWALL dance theater stages dazzling debut of 'Eff.Ul.Gents'...The emotional and athletic intensity of the choreography was unprecedented in what had already been a riveting journey. The women moved as one as they transformed into effulgence - a blinding presentation of powerful womanhood."


City Paper:
"The provocative production is a potent mix of sensuality and emotional turmoil...racy...tantalizing...

Pittsburgh InTheRound:
"Alaio has created a work of art that is provoking, important and

intensely emotional."  

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