2016 Pittsburgh & New York


Created and choreographed by 

Elisa-Marie Alaio  with original music
by Reni Monteverde

"Alaio has created a work of art that is provoking, important and

intensely emotional."  PGH in the Round


The story of six women as they work through their self-doubts, fears and worries on their journey to self-acceptance and female empowerment. 

Choreography: Elisa-Marie Alaio
Original Music: Ryan McMasters
fireWALL dancers:
Elisa-Marie Alaio, Glenna Clark, Grace Cohen, Sara Cohen, Cammi Nevarez, Jenna Rae Smith


On The Rox

Written and choreographed by Elisa-Marie Alaio, touches a chord in all who have lived through tragedy, experienced heartache and longed for a comfortable camaraderie with life’s fellow travelers.
fireWALL dancers:
Elisa-Marie Alaio, Maria Gardner, Darren McArthur, Cammi Nevarez, Jenna Rae Smith, Nick Fearon, Antwane Younger


What really goes on inside a writer’s mind? A delightful, revealing glimpse into the “creative process” of our heroine, who experiences all the typical ups and downs, rejected ideas, and writers’ block.

Choreography: Elisa Marie Alaio
Original music: Ryan McMasters

fireWALL dancers: Elisa Marie Alaio, Jenna Rae Smith, Taylor Quinn, Glenna Clark, Darren McArthur, Luke Paulina, Christian Ross.

25 W Main Street, Carnegie, PA. 15106

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