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Thank You For Your Support

We would like to thank our first customers who have showed us that our studio was needed in this community. It has been an extraordinary experience opening to the public when our world is going through such a difficult time. Over the last few weeks, although we have been limiting attendance, in each class we see dancers graciously returning to shake their cobwebs and cabin fever. After losing the opportunity to be in the studio, it felt cathartic to return and release the tension that the pandemic has created in our lives. Along with the incredible talent, we are enjoying watching friendships blossom and making new connections. It is so wonderful to see the incredible difference dancing can make for our mental and physical health. It is important for our dancers to leave class feeling better than when they arrived, and we push them to encourage each other in an effort to radiate positive energy throughout our studio. It has been so exciting seeing our drop-in classes filling up and having the opportunity to provide clear virtual instruction for those of you dancing with us at home! Thank you for making our space special and allowing us to continue to grow. In the coming weeks, we will be adding more classes to our schedule, so check our App and other social media pages for updates on what is to come!

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