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fireWALL Dance Theater takes pride in prioritizing our community and creating a welcoming environment for you all!


We understand attending a new studio especially to take dance classes may result in many questions! 

We are here to help! If we do not answer one of your questions, please submit any questions we may have missed into the "Let's Chat" box in the bottom right corner of this page! 

Thank you for being here! We can't wait to dance with you soon! 

Where is fireWALL located?

fireWALL is located at 2504 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh PA 15203. We are on the corner of 25th & Carson next to the new beer distributor, beerlovers. 


Does fireWALL have parking?

All parking for fireWALL is street parking along East Carson Street. There is also parking available in the neighborhood surrounding the studio on 25th Street & Sarah Street. The small lot to the right of our building under the beerlovers banner is not fireWALL parking. 


What do I wear to class? Is there a dress code?

There is NO dress code. All class attire is dancers choice! Anything suggested below, is just that!  A suggestion! 

- For ballet, we recommend tight fitted clothing to help the instructor assist with body placement and adjustments.

- For tap, we recommend tap shoes to efficiently learn tap sounds and technique.

- For heels, we recommend a heel you are are comfortable moving in that is ankle supporting, open toe, and a skinny stiletto. 

- For Hip Hop, we recommend loose fitting clothing & sneakers.

- For any other style it truly is always what you are are comfortable moving in! 


What is the age requirement to take class? 

Our drop in classes are for ages 10+. Most of our clientele ages ranges from 10 - 70. As we know that is a very wide range, we recommend taking class based off of your level & experience. 

Do you offer adult classes?

Yes! All of our classes are for any ages 10+ comfortable dancing the labeled level of class. Most of our beginner classes though are all geared towards dancers who have never danced before or just getting back into which a lot of the times is dancers ages 25 - 50.

Do I have to sign up for class prior to or can I just drop in? 

Either!  You may sign up prior to or just show up! 


Can I cancel class? Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes! You are always able to cancel class! Our cancellation policy is as long as you cancel within the two hour window, you will receive a refund.








Mon - Fri



8:00 am - 4:00 pm


11:00 am - 10:00pm

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